nothing vs everything




  1. a quantity of no importance


  1. in no respect; to no degree


Elisabeth found herself with a straggle of colonists in a mosquito-ridden, uncleared jungle where sandflies bored into the skin of the feet and the clay soil was so intractable that nothing would grow.

This is not good for anybody, except for a few curmudgeons and people who are embittered by nothing more than their own embitteredness.

There's nothing at all wrong with a bit of human imperfection here and there.

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  1. colloquial Many or most things.


Here we did everything but lift up the old-fashioned coal-burning Aga cooker, which must have weighed a couple of tons at least.

I admire the inventiveness, and while not everything is a raging success, there's a lot to like.

Elizabeth had doted on her, spoiled her, given her everything a little girl can want.

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