Difference between statistical and outlier




  1. of or relating to statistics


In this regard, I offer a few guesses about some general directions in which statistical physics may change.

Roderick Little, a University of Michigan biostatistician, will become associate director for statistical methodology and standards at the Census Bureau beginning in September.

A statistical model for decay and formation of heavy hadronic resonances is formulated.

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  1. an extreme deviation from the mean
  2. a person who lives away from his place of work


Four miles to the north-east is the island of Boreray and its atmospheric outliers: the whitewashed tooth-like 564 ft Stac Lee and its more northern neighbour, Stac an Armin.

Other outliers in the east take it out across the Bahamas.

Circles show “outliers”, points which are further from the quartile than the size of the IQR length of the whiskers.

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