Difference between cad and surreptitiously




  1. software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing


Academic excellence was matched with extra-curricular activities of every description - from drama through sport to foreign travel.

It also contains a series of waterfalls and cascades to further enhance the beauty of a hole that is certain to generate a lot of comment throughout the week.

We're currently shrinking the size of technology by a factor of 5.6 per linear dimension per decade, so it is conservative to say that this scenario will be feasible in a few decades.

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  1. in a surreptitious manner


Thornton," Steinmeyer explains, "had sent the message to himself, from Cripple Creek to Colorado Springs," where he surreptitiously lopped off the telltale portion before handing it over to the policeman.

In fact, she swears that she saw the blow-up bra being surreptitiously inflated after a recent dive in a boat full of blokes.

'My dear young lady, it is well known that your christening was the work of your aunt, who did it unknown to your parents when she had you in her power, out of pure obstinacy to a church with which she was not in sympathy, taking you surreptitiously, and indefensibly, to the font of the Establishment; so that the rite meant and could mean nothing at all ....

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