yours vs your’s

yours your’s


  • 1) Abbreviatedyrs.
  • 2) (yours truly) I, myself, or me.
  • 3) Written at the end of a letter, before the signature.
  • 4) That which belongs to you (plural); the possessive second person plural used without a following noun.
  • 5) That which belongs to you (singular); the possessive second person singular used without a following noun.
  • 6) Used to indicate the one or ones belonging to you.
  • 7) Used often with an adverbial modifier in the complimentary close of a letter.
  • 8) See the Note under your.


  • 1) Only then will the road to glorious indifference be yours to take.
  • 2) The following two ended with "yours very sincerely " and "yours most sincerely".
  • 3) The meat is yours to take home.
  • 4) Five years ago people still bothered with yours sincerely.
  • 5) It is not yours to take back or deny.
  • 6) And it is as if a hand has come and taken yours.
  • 7) Only suppose that your mother 's health or yours should suffer.
  • 8) Why don't you take yours with you?
  • 9) I will not take what is yours and give it to the Lord.
  • 10) THIS week 's giveaway from yours truly is an absolute belter.
  • 11) So now it's time to take care of yours, which will help with your throat.
  • 12) If you rarely take photos on yours, for example, why go for a great camera.
  • 13) Swap childcare: Find a friend whose working hours complement yours and take the childcare duties in turns.
  • 14) CANCER Whose heart matches yours exactly?
  • 15) I must admit I was slightly disappointed when it did arrive and ended with just "yours sincerely ".
  • 16) Your vote is sacred Kali Star, it is * yours* and yours alone, your voice, your right and your might.
  • 17) Hell… the way I feel this moment…. how I really look at anything and feel scorned… how just an email prior to yours I believed him so faith fully… and the one that came right after yours…
  • 18) yours truly; Truly yours; yours respectfully; Very respectfully yours_, etc. In official letters use _I have the honor to be, Sir, your obedient servant; Very respectfully, your most obedient servant_.
  • 19) _Mine, ours, yours, thine, hers_, and _theirs_ are used when the name of the thing possessed is omitted; as, This rose is _yours_ = This rose is
  • 20) _yours; yours truly; Truly yours; yours respectfully; Very respectfully yours_, etc.
  • 21) "For our possessions are in heaven; therefore, sons of men, purchase unto yourselves by these transitory things which are not yours, _what is yours_, and shall not pass away."
  • 22) ‘Are they the roles you want to continue playing or is that a deliberate choice of yours to put out that image to get roles for those sort of films?’
  • 23) ‘Is that a concern of yours?’
  • 24) ‘Give her all the stuff out of your apartment that belongs to her and get all of yours out of hers if you can.’
  • 25) ‘You simply didn't have a choice but to sit down with a friend of yours.’
  • 26) ‘For those freakish friends of yours without e-mail, follow up with a printed invite.’
  • 27) ‘That hasn't happened in my case, and I know it hasn't happened in the case of yours.’
  • 28) ‘That oh-so active imagination of yours could land you in some hot water.’
  • 29) ‘A popular saying mentions that the one who gives you a piece of bread in times of hunger, this one is a real brother or friend of yours.’
  • 30) ‘And I can see they're really triggering that overstimulated brain of yours.’
  • 31) ‘They would always start by saying, I have a son who is a big fan of yours, Mr. Jackson.’
  • 32) ‘Because he's talking about a younger brother of yours and a connection with him.’
  • 33) ‘Time to let that inner child of yours out from the basement.’
  • 34) ‘Aren't you curious to see how a child of yours will turn out?’
  • 35) ‘I guess I have to be a sexist to accept that statement of yours.’
  • 36) ‘Well, I will pray for you and that your heart will continue to be happy in this first new chair of yours.’
  • 37) ‘What is going to be your new approach and style in this new venture of yours?’
  • 38) ‘So, take off your shirt, loosen the belt and evaluate that tummy of yours.’
  • 39) ‘Remember this - If you see someone without a smile then give them one of yours!’
  • 40) ‘I remember talking to a former playing colleague of yours at Preston, right-winger Les Campbell.’
  • 41) ‘Thus armed with a powerful mandate, I want to talk to you about this novel of yours.’

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