proven vs proved

proven proved


  • 1) Having been proved; having proved its value or truth.
  • 2) Having been demonstrated or verified without doubt.
  • 3) established beyond doubt
  • 4) Past participle of prove
  • 5) Past participle of proove
  • 6) Proved.
  • 7) (Scots Law) a verdict of a jury that the guilt of the accused is not made out, though not disproved.


  • 1) Simple past tense and past participle of prove.


  • 1) `I know Weber,' said Voss, with the certainty of someone who was about to be proven wrong.
  • 2) I have no time for thoughts of love, and I have been proven a less than perfect parent.
  • 3) How he'd still been alone, his dream once realized proven to be an illusion.
  • 4) The argument is in some ways similar to the one President Bush made in 2004, when he campaigned on what he described as his proven leadership in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks and said the terrorist threat called for keeping him in the job.
  • 5) Fisher said low-income 4-year-olds could be served by Smart Start, which she called a proven program.
  • 6) Schweitzer, whose national profile soared following a widely praised speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, campaigned on what he called a proven record of economic successes.
  • 7) What can be "proven" is always a different matter, but please ... it's utterly daft to think that this is just an isolated ethical "lapse" involving a dozen Interior Dept Bushies in two offices.
  • 8) No, what I've "proven" is that during the short period of lucidity, Ashcroft may have been capable of resuming his duties and over-ruling Comey -- exactly what Gonzales and Card were there for -- nonetheless, there's no evidence in the record that the legal document left its envelope or that


  • 1) The team emphasised that their study could not prove that anxiety caused heart disease.
  • 2) That was a difficult proposition to prove.
  • 3) French presidential pardons often prove controversial.
  • 4) This is a weaker race and he can prove too good for Aso.
  • 5) Everything that was outlined during the meeting in America has proved true.
  • 6) Your own show proves it.
  • 7) The dressings proved so good that they are now available on prescription through the NHS.
  • 8) People like to share, though, and the growth of social networks over the past decade has proved that younger generations like to share more than any other.
  • 9) The grey area lies in proving your ability to drive is impaired.
  • 10) The best pieces have proved a good investment.
  • 11) Why is it often difficult to prove that a disease or condition resulted from workplace exposure?
  • 12) This may explain why the show is already proving hugely popular.
  • 13) Leicester have spent all season proving many of the things we hold true to be badly wrong.
  • 14) We have proved highly adept at using technology to stress ourselves.
  • 15) The past proves the richer area of study.
  • 16) Yet it might prove the richest source of recruitment.
  • 17) The video evidence from our experiment proves just how bad men are at taking a sneaky peek.
  • 18) We will soon see whether this proves to be true.
  • 19) When cigarettes are proven to cause lung cancer we can bring in a smoking ban.
  • 20) It has been about proving my ability and helping the team.
  • 21) But it could be an unexpected arrival that proves so good for the family.
  • 22) So this show proved to be a bit of a departure.
  • 23) The careful historian soon learns that juicy stories often have to be jettisoned when sources prove unreliable.
  • 24) The top tips and facts are crucial and explain what the experiments prove.
  • 25) But in the wider human context the opposite has generally proved true.
  • 26) The researchers acknowledged that the study did not prove cause and effect.
  • 27) This would have proved a difficult operation by other processes.
  • 28) He said that the party had proved its ability to do well without mounting a conventional campaign.
  • 29) "Whereas Belgium, having refused to accept the proposals made to her on several occasions by Germany, is affording her military assistance to France and Great Britain, both of which Powers have declared war upon Austria-Hungary, and whereas, as has just been proved (_no indication as to how or when it has been proved_),
  • 30) The term proved to be crucial for the diagnosis and treatment of minds and bodies of people.
  • 31) The only thing Hillary's PA squeeky win proved is that there are a lot of racist, old, uneducated morons in that state.
  • 32) P.S. We have chosen twelve trustees, all of whom are members of our church, whose names are specified in the title; the title proved and recorded in the S.cretary's office of this island.
  • 33) "P.S. -- We have chosen twelve Trustees, all of whom are members of our church, whose names are specified in the title; the title proved and recorded in the Secretary's office of this island."
  • 34) During this time, he purchased a farm in Addison, it is supposed of Ira Allen, a brother of the redoubtable Ethan Allen; but the title proved, as so often happened, with the early settlers to be defective.
  • 35) Once again the title proved popular enough to force a sequel, which, unfortunately, was let down by the fact that the series had become a little repetitive.
  • 36) Upon expansion this term proved to mean something uncomplimentary, a daughter of Mars, a young soul and pertaining to some lowly plane in the astrological cosmos.

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