hypo vs hyper

hypo hyper


  • 1) colloquial Short for hyperactive
  • 2) Emotionally stimulated or overexcited.
  • 3) Having a very excitable or nervous temperament; high-strung.


  • 1) Tried some once and nearly went hyper in the show.
  • 2) Associated Press The group has raised more than $1 million to seed its effort against what it calls hyper-partisanship.
  • 3) That really knows not only what we call hyper - local, which is what is happening in your community, but what is happening in -- you know, in your Taiwan, in your India, in your Vietnam.
  • 4) BASH: Senator McCain said that he wants to end what he calls hyper partisanship and he gave some details on how he would intend to do that.
  • 5) Governor Spitzer accusing his opponents and critics of what he called hyper - partisanship, fear mongering and being anti-immigrant.
  • 6) It's a compelling analogy, because when you encounter what he referred to as the hyper variety, then the productive resources of a society are diverted to dealing with that problem.
  • 7) Razer also threw in what it calls "hyper response technology" into its ABXY face buttons.
  • 8) Walters said Hudgins is taking an antidepressant, two medications to help him sleep and a medication to counteract what he called hyper-impulsivity.
  • 9) Aquila and Theodotion follow the reading of Masorah and, in Ps. viii, translate the title hyper tes getthitidos; yet this same reading is said by Bellarmine ( "Explanatio in Psalmos", Paris,
  • 10) I really wish that women in hyper-masculinised industries would call a spade a spade.
  • 11) ‘Whenever his friends or family were around he became extremely energetic and hyper.’
  • 12) ‘Next week will see the gates of Unionism come crushing down, be prepared to see the siege mentality go into hyper speed.’
  • 13) ‘The long car ride and Red Bulls we had pounded left him hyper and a little crazy.’
  • 14) ‘You get a smiley, hyper, crazy kid who was just so out there it was a wonder where he got his energy from.’
  • 15) ‘Now I'm hyper and freaked out, and at the same time too depressed to work.’
  • 16) ‘Williams was so hyper it made Faulkner ‘look like a Zen Buddhist, even with his twitching’.’
  • 17) ‘I hate going even without these barriers so I'm on hyper alert for anything that might lead me down that path.’
  • 18) ‘They're not only super sexy, they also are totally hyper and so much fun onstage.’
  • 19) ‘Beth's hyper as it is and has a bit of a caffeine intolerance.’
  • 20) ‘They make us hyper and overexcited and, once faded, leave us grumpy or exhausted or or tearful or craving more.’
  • 21) ‘Maybe there's been so much rejection from past peers that she acts hyper to get attention.’
  • 22) ‘Naturally, Olive was hyper, the way the woman was talking she had the job and it was only a matter of signing a contract.’
  • 23) ‘I'm slowly losing the slight hyper buzz I had going on this afternoon, but that's okay.’
  • 24) ‘A generation will grow up even more fickle than before, hyper consumers, hedonists.’
  • 25) ‘It gives me the right to be hyper and full of zest and energy, or slow and devoid of all unique thought.’
  • 26) ‘I had hoped the dogs would be less excited, but when have they ever been anything but hyper to meet guests?’
  • 27) ‘Refreshingly frank and unaffected, he loves a chat and concedes that he's often hyper.’
  • 28) ‘I was still feeling exhausted from the last week, so had a strong coffee just before going on and felt a bit hyper for the first hour or so.’
  • 29) ‘My two girls, Romy, who's three and a half and Honor who's just one and half, were hyper with all the activity.’
  • 30) ‘He waves away a hotel employee bearing refreshments: coffee makes him hyper.’

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