beetles vs bugs

beetles bugs


  • 1) Plural form of beetle.
  • 2) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of beetle.


  • 1) Plural form of bug.
  • 2) Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bug.


  • 1) They also come down to the ground for worms and beetles.
  • 2) Spray on the plants as soon as you see the red adult beetles.
  • 3) Diving beetles are predatory insects found across the northern hemisphere.
  • 4) Keep an eye out for scarlet lily beetles.
  • 5) Keep an eye open on sunny mornings for the first round of scarlet lily beetles.
  • 6) This means the birds have an abundance of worms, beetles and flies.
  • 7) They move around and feed mostly at night, probing in soft earth for worms and beetles.
  • 8) What are the red beetles that are eating my snake's heads?
  • 9) They have drawers of wonderful insects, including beetles that look like drops of gold.
  • 10) The scarlet lily beetle, so beautiful and so destructive.
  • 11) Scarlet lily beetles are at work, chomping away.
  • 12) WHAT are the red beetles eating my lilies?
  • 13) The chicks came down and spent a lot of time on the ground, doubtless looking for beetles or other insects.
  • 14) Their usual food source is not available because worms, beetles and other prey are hidden away at this time of year.
  • 15) And these new lilies, for the first summer at least, will have resistance to attack by scarlet lily beetle and their larvae.
  • 16) I beetle through woods along a track, with the Loire to myself.
  • 17) WHAT can I use to stop red lily beetles eating my lilies this year?
  • 18) HOW can I stop red lily beetles ruining my lilies this year?
  • 19) HOW can I stop red beetles eating my lily plants?
  • 20) I've already seen my first scarlet lily beetle on the ground above a clump of lilies - and not a leaf to be seen.
  • 21) The effect it has on the beetles is extraordinary.
  • 22) In both appearance and behavior, they're closely related to the flesh-eating beetles from the remake of The Mummy.
  • 23) The use of freeze-dried beetles is a dead give away.
  • 24) The collection of beetles is somewhat larger, but still is nothing remarkable.
  • 25) Friggin Japanese beetles, I love my rose, and they're eating it, even the flowers.
  • 26) By the following Sunday, they had Doc working it into a prophetic conference, and in a board meeting the following month, Pastor Fell had indicated that he had a friend quite willing to appear from outer space in a sleigh or any other conveyance drawn by sheep, reindeer, goats, cats, stag beetles, or porpologulous rhygmachomps providing he was subsequently proclaimed king.
  • 27) If we do keep up with the recent sunny pattern in the Flakes, the beetles will be a problem on top of the already mildew that has set in.
  • 28) The questions all begin to bleed together, and I find myself wanting to talk about quasars or stag beetles or plate tectonics or just about anything at all except my books and writing.


  • 1) Her diet is supposed to prevent her from vomiting: no food-poisoning, no bacteria, no bugs.
  • 2) The tingling was back and she rubbed her hands against arms that felt alive with bugs crawling over her skin.
  • 3) That's the trouble with Elint (electronic intelligence, or bugs to you).
  • 4) The title bugs me, too-too soft for an old engineer like me.
  • 5) 8. The title bugs the crap out of people who are bothered by incorrect grammar.
  • 6) They were secretly video recording this is not different from putting in bugs, it is actually worse, because it is audio and video.
  • 7) By the very construction of the main narrative, we identify with the fresh-faced teenagers who go through training and eventually into battle against the enemy bugs from the planet Klendathu.
  • 8) We seined bugs from the stream, learned how trout are made of trees, and talked about caves and springs; all the while we listened to the phoebes calling loudly from the banks of the North Fork.
  • 9) When we were kids, my sister and i would save the big rubber bands that come on broccoli for two reasons: to shoot at bugs from a distance and to open jars when daddy wasn't around.
  • 10) Anything with four legs (not eight!) that eats indoor bugs is my friend.
  • 11) Oh, and I'm sorry, that thing on Teal'c's chin bugs me.
  • 12) It looks like those brain bugs from Starship Troopers.

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