baptised vs baptized

baptised baptized


  • 1) of a person who has been baptized
  • 2) having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism
  • 3) Simple past tense and past participle of baptize.


  • 1) I decided to baptize Deborah Jane first, in the hope that perhaps someone would take the noisy infant out once her baptism was completed.
  • 2) All of these had been baptized by lay hands; two of them, he said, "_had been very well baptized_," _i. e._ by a man who could read well, the third case did not satisfy him.
  • 3) Canaanite: but [197] _John baptized in Ænon, near to Salim, because there was much water there: and they came, and were baptized_.
  • 4) We had one of those, when we went for the meeting to get Munchkin baptized: we call it the Catholic Church Poop and it lives on in legend.
  • 5) I don't even support McCain and I think that the issue of him being pushed to be baptized is totally ridiculous.
  • 6) Whether it included children, also in that case baptized, is not explicitly stated; but the presumption, as in other cases of household baptism, is that it did.
  • 7) The name into which they were baptized is that which they will live and die by.
  • 8) And yet, despite all these Scriptures, many pious saints are so blinded by their prejudices and traditions, that instead of encouraging and exhorting people to obey this command to be baptized, that is given to test the soul's complete surrender to Christ, and is called the "obedience of faith" or of the gospel, they encourage people to live in disobedience to Christ by affirming that baptism is
  • 9) Mr. Ross himself had on one occasion at Philadelphia baptized baptized as many as twelve adult Negroes, who were examined before the congregation and answered to the admiration of all who heard them "The like sight had never been seen before in that church."
  • 10) Baius fell under censure for asserting (Props. 74, 75) that "concupiscence in the baptized is a sin, though not imputed."
  • 11) Jesus was baptized, that is, immersed by John in the river Jordan.
  • 12) The boy was baptized in the church

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