Common mistake Interval scale: doubling values ('twice as hot')

Common Mistake: Interval Scale - Doubling Values ('Twice as Hot')

When it comes to using interval scales, such as temperature, there is a common mistake that many people make when comparing values. One such mistake is using the phrase 'twice as hot' without specifying the scale being used. This can lead to confusion and incorrect comparisons.

The Kelvin Scale

The Kelvin scale is an absolute temperature scale where zero Kelvin (0 K) represents absolute zero, the point at which all molecular motion ceases. In this scale, the phrase 'twice as hot' can be used accurately, as doubling the Kelvin temperature does indeed represent twice the amount of thermal energy.

Example: If the temperature is 100 Kelvin, saying that it is 'twice as hot' as 50 Kelvin is correct because 100 K represents twice the amount of thermal energy as 50 K.

The Celsius and Fahrenheit Scales

However, when it comes to the commonly used Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, the phrase 'twice as hot' is not defined and can lead to confusion. This is because these scales have an arbitrary zero point and define temperature differences rather than absolute values.

Example: If the temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, saying that it is 'twice as hot' as 50 degrees Celsius is incorrect because the Celsius scale does not have an absolute zero, and temperature differences do not correspond linearly to thermal energy differences.

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Interval scale: doubling values ('twice as hot') mistake examples

  • Correct:
    It's half as warm as it was yesterday.
  • Correct:
    If it's zero degrees outside and it becomes twice as cold it was before, what is the temperature?
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