Common mistake gimme (give me)

Common Mistake: "Gimme" versus "Give Me"

One of the common mistakes in English grammar is the use of the informal phrase "gimme" instead of the proper expression "give me." While "gimme" may be commonly used in informal speech or colloquial conversation, it is important to understand the correct usage in more formal or professional contexts.

"Gimme": An Informal Term

The term "gimme" is a colloquial contraction of the phrase "give me." It is commonly used in casual conversations among friends, family members, or in informal situations. However, it is not considered appropriate to use this term in more formal contexts, such as academic writing, professional emails, or business communications.

This is an example of improper usage:

  • "Just gimme a minute, and I'll be right with you."

"Give Me": The Proper Expression

In contrast, the phrase "give me" is the correct and formal expression to use in most situations. Whether it is a request, command, or a general statement, "give me" is the appropriate choice when speaking or writing in a more professional or formal context.

This is an example of proper usage:

  • "Could you please give me some feedback on my report?"

In this sentence, using "gimme" instead of "give me" would not be grammatically correct or appropriate for a professional setting.

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gimme (give me) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Gimme my money.

    Give me my money.

  • Correct:
    Clearly, both the stock and bond market view Enron as being in dire straits," said independent research firm Gimme Credit analyst Carol Levenson.
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