Common mistake dat (that)

Common Mistake: "dat" instead of "that"

One common mistake that is often made in written English is using the word "dat" instead of "that." This mistake can lead to confusion and misunderstanding, as "dat" is not a valid word in English.


  • Incorrect: I saw dat movie last night.
  • Correct: I saw that movie last night.

As you can see in the example above, using "dat" instead of "that" not only makes the sentence grammatically incorrect but also changes the meaning of the sentence entirely.

Why is this mistake made?

This mistake can often be attributed to the influence of spoken vernacular on written language. Some dialects or informal speech patterns may pronounce "that" as "dat," leading to the confusion and subsequent incorrect usage.

Additionally, typos and automatic spell checkers might not always catch this error, as "dat" and "that" are both spelled correctly but used incorrectly in the context of the sentence.

The solution: Linguix grammar checker

A great way to avoid this and other common grammatical mistakes is by using a grammar checker like Linguix. Linguix not only detects incorrect usage of "dat" instead of "that," but also provides suggestions and explanations to help you improve your writing skills.

So, the next time you're writing and want to avoid the common mistake of using "dat" instead of "that," consider using Linguix to help you catch and correct this error!

dat (that) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We can do dat.

    We can do that|date.

  • Correct:
    Bill, it appears that all is well with updating the DAT files to CSV
  • Correct:
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