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Linguix Writing Coach helps you to improve your writing skills by offering writing corrections and tailored language trainings.

Learn new words while browsing the web

Right-click any word and choose Look up in Linguix to get its definition and a list of synonyms.

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Improve over time

Improve over time

Access our statistics dashboard and review email reports to efficiently track your progress.

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AI for everyone

AI for everyone

Linguix is a perfect tool for non-natives living in English-speaking countries, immigrants, employees working in international companies, and even native speakers that need to write better.

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Access personalized language trainings

Linguix detects patterns for the repetitive mistakes you make in your writing and offers personalized language trainings. So, you can work on the most relevant topics, while getting instant value from the AI-based corrections.

Expand your vocabulary

Right-click any word on the web and choose Look up in Linguix to get its definition and a list of synonyms. Install Linguix for Browser to check the definitions of more than 200,000 English words found anywhere on the web.

Learn different styles of writing

Our AI-based writing assistant not only helps in spotting errors but also gives recommendations on enhancing writing style. Moreover, Linguix users have access to a database of templates in different styles: from high school essays to press releases.

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