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Did you know that corporate HR departments set the standard for employee communication?

With Linguix for business, you can:

Reduce miscommunication

Reduce miscommunication

Ensuring everyone understands each other is critical to keeping everyone in your company on the same page and working more effectively.
Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

Writing in a concise and grammatically correct way gives customers, vendors, and potential employees the right first impression.
Always sound professional

Always sound professional

If your team is like most, there is a variety of backgrounds and skillsets represented. Quality writing helps everyone be heard in a professional manner.
Write skillfully everywhere

Write skillfully everywhere

Linguix for business works everywhere you and your team do. That includes email, CRM software, tech support applications, and hundreds of other places where writing is required.

Why HR will love Linguix business:

Clear communications:

When everything is well written, there are fewer misunderstandings.

Professional consistency:

Linguix will help all your departments communicate in a way everyone else understands.

Real-time language correction:

Since Linguix works where your employees do, you won’t need to constantly correct written materials.

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