Linguix For Chrome Is Here to Improve Your Writing, Everywhere on the Web

Our main goal here at is to help you write better, learn faster, and enjoy your everyday communication. In order to make this ambition a reality we’ve released our brand-new Google Chrome extension. Install it now and get your writing checked, for free, on millions of websites across the web.

Why use it?

We value our users and have developed our product with their needs in mind. While the web app has multiple unique features such as a secret mode (pastebin) for editing private documents, or a content template library, the most convenient way to use our AI-based algorithm is to run it in your browser.

We’ve been working hard to build the best Chrome extension available on the market. Try it today, and you’ll understand that it works faster than any alternative, delivers the best UX, and provides unbeat personalization capabilities. Now has your back anywhere you decide to write something, from social networking sites to email platforms.

How to get it

We’ve released for Google Chrome to all Chrome users in the Chrome Web Store. Use this link to install the extension in a couple of clicks. That’s it! It even works for non-authorized users who have no account with (another unique feature).

Here is how it works on Medium

When you open any website with a so-called ‘text area’ where you can type, you should see a blue roll-in indicator letting you know that LinguixAI is currently checking your writing. If there are any errors, you will see a red circle on the bottom right with the number of detected issues. In addition, will highlight all mistakes in your text. Just hover a cursor over the word and click on the suggested fix to apply it.

Let us know what you think!

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