More Original and Unique Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday!

One of the most commonly used expressions in English, and one of the easiest to recognize and use if you are a learner of the language.

But it’s not very original, is it? Surely there are other ways in which you can say ‘Happy Birthday’ without saying ‘Happy Birthday’ if you know what I mean?

Of course, there are, and there are also lots of little variations on the theme that can make your ‘Happy Birthday’ just that little bit more original and heartfelt. Here are some great options:

Many happy returns for the day

Quite a formal variation on them, but something less used and therefore something a little more individual.

Happy belated birthday

To be used when your wish of ‘Happy Birthday’ is late. Not ideal, but it happens, of course!

Happy B’day

For when you want to save on words!

Have a great day

Again not the most original, but slightly less used than ‘Happy Birthday’

May your birthday be filled with laughter

Now we are getting a little bit more original, and a little bit more colorful. Laughter is always good!

Happy birthday my….

Now you can use a noun (or adjective and noun) that fits the relationship you have with that person. From ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ (which is a little practical) to ‘special friend’ or ‘inspiration’ or ‘gorgeous friend’, which is a whole lot more heartfelt and full of character. Be sincere!

Happy birthday you old…

This is the perfect set up for something altogether cheekier and fun. From ‘you old derogatory term’ (such as git, or bastard!) to something a little less confrontational, such as ‘you old-yet-beautiful rascal’. Make it fun!

May your joys be as deep as the ocean

Starting to get a little more profound and semi-religious, but always a nice option.

May your beer glass always be full

If your friend likes a drink (but not too much, of course!)

May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, The rains fall soft upon your fields 

This is an old Irish blessing and is a warm and original way to give birthday greetings to someone you like/love.

A birthday message to one of the kindest and warmest people I have ever had the fortune to meet

And there’s nothing like getting totally sincere and adding a bit of warm cuddliness to your message.

To your name, on your birthday

This direct and very personal wish seems deep and sincere in a world that shies away from formal, old expressions. This is a particularly direct, and heartfelt message.

Saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!

And here’s ‘Happy Birthday’ in Korean, just in case you wanted to!

Tillykke med fodselsdagen!

Or Danish!

qoSlIj DatIvjaj

Or Klingon, for those Star Trek fans! (literally translated as ‘may you enjoy your birthday’)

Get stuffed!

One of the cheekiest of the lot! For a friend or relative who you just love winding up!

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