Meet Linguix Definitions: Learn New Words While Browsing The Web

You can’t become a great writer if you do not read, and you may also need help when reading! For example, have you ever been stuck on an unknown word when browsing the web? The standard solution in such situations would be copying and pasting it to an online dictionary or translator app. But if you read a long and complex piece, that will rapidly turn into a copy-pasting and page-switching nightmare!

Happily, here is a solution called Linguix Definitions. With this brand-new feature of the Linguix’s Browser extension, you can get word definitions right on the web page. Just right-click any word and choose Look up in Linguix to get its definition and a list of synonyms along with the link to the complete Thesaurus entry.

Install Linguix for Browser to check the definitions of more than 200,000 English words found anywhere on the web!

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