Linguix June Updates: Multilingual grammar check & paraphrasing, generative AI, REST API

Hey all! Alex is here to give you a quick recap of updates that our team has delivered for you in June. Let’s dive in!

Multilingual grammar checking and paraphrasing

In June, we’ve added multilingual grammar checker and rewriter is to both our web editor and browser extension. Now you can improve content in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. Just type or paste your content on any website and the app will automatically detect it and offer improvements.

The feature is available to all our users with advanced corrections and paraphrasing options included with our PRO plans.

Generative AI available via Linguix browser extension

Another great June update is about our new generative AI feature called Let’s write. We’ve added it to our browser extension.

Now you can use it to:

  • Instantly compose email templates for different use-cases.
  • Generate blog posts and other long-form copy in one click.

Just hover over Linguix icon when you write and click “Let’s write” to review prompt templates or submit your own.

Linguix API update

At Linguix, we always want to support the community and help people across the globe be more efficient and earn more. An important part of this is supporting fellow creators and makers. During past month, we were actively working on improving Linguix REST API. We’ve added a bunch of new grammar categories available via API and updated our documentation to make it easier to integrate.

Now any developer can use our REST API to easily integrate grammar check, rephrasing, word definitions, and content quality score. Contact us to get your API access token! Also, we’ve published a case study to show how our API can improve the user experience of your application.

We also offer white label services for companies: check the offer here.

Quarterly PRO plan is back

Last, but not least. In response to user demand, we’ve decided to bring back our quarterly plan for more flexible billing. Now, you can get Linguix PRO for a month, quarter, or a year (just $10/mo!)

Check our pricing plans and upgrade options here. We are working hard to make Linguix better every day, and PRO plans are great to unlock the full potential of our powerful AI technology!

Try our innovative writing AI today: