Linguix for Browser is Out of Beta Stage, List of Native Languages Extended, Better Long Documents Performance

It’s been a while since our previous big spring update, and we have a lot of new features coming out this summer. Today we are announcing the first batch of product updates that will directly and positively impact upon the experience of all Linguix users.

Here is what’s new:

Extension is out of beta stage

For more than a year Linguix for Browser was officially in Beta stage. This meant we were constantly developing the core features, building infrastructure, and working on achieving the highest level of stability and resilience attainable. 

For now, we’ve completed most of these tasks, and the app is ready for the next stage of its life. Now, as well as the core functionality of the grammar checker, our user will soon experience new, unique features that will elevate their writing, work communications, and language learning to a whole new level.

New native languages added

Here at Linguix, we are open to any feedback, feature requests, and comments. This is why we are constantly talking to our users and customers. One of the top-requested features over the last couple of months has been more native languages. Users from Turkey, India, and other countries would like Linguix to recognize what mother tongue they speak, and adjust its English grammar recommendations accordingly.

You asked, we have delivered! We are adding 10+ new languages to our list. To tell the app what your native language is, go to the extension menu by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right menu. Then, click ‘Personalize’, and select your mother tongue.

Linguix works 200% faster for long documents

Before, our users who edited long-form content sometimes experienced performance issues, resulting in slower grammar checking for long documents (10 pages and more). After completing a thorough analysis and internal infrastructure optimization process, we’ve increased the speed of grammar check for long documents by 200% percent on average. Now, after your text is uploaded to the system, any changes are checked instantly with no delay.

More capabilities for Premium users

Premium users can now access an unlimited number of synonym suggestions and view word definitions also with no limits. 

As is the norm, we’ve also conducted a lot of work under the hood, resulting in overall performance and stability improvements. 

Let us know what you think!

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