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Linguix April Updates: Word Choice Suggestions and AI-shortcuts

Hey there! Here is a brief summary of what new amazing features and apps are now available on Linguix.

Word Choice Suggestions (beta)

Starting now, Linguix AI Writing Assistant can detect sentences that do not sound native enough. Just type your content, and if there is a word choice issue, we will highlight this sentence and offer an instant improvement for it:

Just visit our Web Editor to check this feature out. It will be added to the browser extensions in 10 days.

AI-based Rich Formatting Shortcuts

We’ve released Linguix Turbo, an ultimate text expander and shortcuts app that will transform the way you write. With custom shortcuts, you can create canned responses/expansions for any frequently used phrase or message and assign a custom abbreviation to trigger the expansion. Linguix Turbo supports multi-language and cloud sync, making your shortcuts accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Linguix Turbo has sophisticated writing tools such as an AI-backed grammar and spelling checker that spots contextual errors and provides suggestions to rectify them. In addition, it has a paraphrasing feature that suggests alternate phrasing to clarify confusing sentences. Linguix Turbo ensures that your writing is clear, concise, and error-free. This tool is ideal for professionals, students, and anyone seeking to enhance their writing skills.

Install Linguix Turbo now!

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