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Introducing Linguix, and How it Works

Linguix is an AI-powered writing assistant which can freshen up your writing and leave it error-free for others to enjoy or consume for the purpose to which is was intended. You can rest safe in the knowledge that you have produced high quality content that is without spelling, grammatical and stylistic mistakes.

And it covers all kinds of content too, whether you need to produce an academic or scientific paper, a business report, a social media or post or something else entirely. Simply copy-and-paste your content into the Linguix editing tool, and watch as it peruses its database for suggestions to elevate your writing.

There is also a great variety of content templates which you can use to start your writing – never the easiest part of the reprocess. And Linguix also offers premium levels of security which means getting highly sensitive writing checked is never a concern either.

How is my writing checked by Linguix?

That’s a great question, and the answer is by a system that is underpinned by cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine-learning driven technology which has the ability to first analyze your writing, no matter the style, form or content, and then compare it against a huge database or content which has been stocked by linguists and language experts in order to identify patterns which are worthy of highlighting against the permeating style. Of course, it is then your choice to decide if you want to change the sentence or not, but the Linguix tool highlights that there is something different about it (in comparison to conventional norms) and offers up suggestions as featured in the database.

It’s all about recognizing the patterns of what is deemed good writing, against those patterns that deviate from that path. All writing has the potential to be unique, of course, but Linguix’s algorithms identify stock phrases, collocations (meaning the combinations of words that are usually used) and can then make suggestions based on the huge array of data that is at the assistant’s disposal. And when we say huge, we are talking about millions of sourses from where that data is extracted and analyzed. That’s what makes the service so comprehensive.

What kind of improvements can Linguix make to my writing?

Another great question, and it all boils down to style, grammatical construction, readability, combinations, and of course, spelling.

For example, plenty of spellcheck systems will be able to tell you if you have written ‘thier’ instead of ‘their’. But what if you have written ‘there’? The word is not incorrectly spelled, but of course is not the right word in the context, and that is where Linguix comes in.

It is context which informs Linguix’s algorithms, so it can not only identify when a word is misspelled, but also when it is used incorrectly in context, which is something that not all writers can do all of the time. Of course not, you are only human after all!

Linguix’s writing assistant can also highlight grammatical mistakes (for example in the subject verb complementation – “He live…”), the wrong preposition, combinations of words that just don’t sound right in English, and a host of other patterns which can be improved upon. It leaves you to write, and not worry about all those English-specific considerations, which are no less important, but perhaps not the center of your focus at that moment. That’s why Linguix is the best assistant for the job.

Can Linguix help in my reading?

Yes. The Linguix tool, which can be downloaded as an extension on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, can be employed on anything you read across the web. Simply hold down ‘alt’ and click, and the word you have highlighted will be defined, and you will also receive a number of synonyms which can help you not only understand the word better, but learn how to use that word, and it’s synonyms, in the correct context. Not only will your reading on the web be made easier, but you can improve your comprehension and ability to write in the process.

Can I get it for free?

Yes, the Linguix writing assistant and extension for Google Chrome is available to download for free.

Is there a paid version?

Linguix Premium is a paid version of the service, and offers an extended database of errors and suggestions from which to avail, and also offers tailored options depending on the type of content you are producing, whether it is for school, business, or marketing purposes, for example.

How do I get started?

Simply download the Linguix extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or sign up to Linguix today.

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