Introducing AI-powered Multilingual Grammar Checking and Paraphrasing

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of Linguix AI-Writing Assistant, packed with exciting new features to enhance your writing experience. In response to the growing global demand, we have expanded our language support beyond English. We are proud to introduce grammar corrections and instant AI paraphrasing for five new languages: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish.

Effortless Document Checking

With our Web Editor, you can now effortlessly check your documents in these five languages. Simply write or paste your content at, and our advanced system will automatically detect the language and generate suggestions to improve your writing. Gone are the days of worrying about grammatical errors or awkward phrasing in your multilingual documents.

Advanced AI Paraphrasing

One of the highlights of this release is our AI-powered paraphrasing feature, which goes above and beyond traditional grammar checking. Linguix’s paraphrasing feature allows you to effortlessly rephrase any sentence with a single click. Whether you want to shorten a lengthy passage, expand on a particular idea, or fix any grammar mistakes, our intelligent system has got you covered. Enhancing the clarity and flow of your writing has never been easier.

Future Expansion and Availability

We understand that seamless integration is key to improving your writing workflow. While the multilingual grammar checking and paraphrasing feature is currently in beta, it is readily available on our Web Editor at and via our browser extension. We invite you to take advantage of this new functionality and explore the possibilities it offers across languages.

As we fine-tune and perfect this feature, we are committed to expanding its availability across different platforms. Stay tuned for updates and look forward to a more comprehensive writing assistant that caters to your linguistic needs.

Empowering Writers Across Languages

At Linguix, our mission is to empower writers of all backgrounds and languages. We are excited to bring our AI-writing assistant to a wider audience, helping you communicate effectively in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Polish. With our latest release, we invite you to take advantage of our new multilingual grammar checking and paraphrasing feature, enabling you to create polished and professional content across different languages. Embrace the power of Linguix AI-Writing Assistant and experience the difference it can make in your writing journey.

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