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Improve English Knowledge Through Your Mistakes

The new feature of Linguix Web App allows users to view extended rules descriptions. These help the user to better understand the corrections and avoid making them in the future.

One of the top problems when using a grammar checking software is that the program only tells you what to fix. You accept the suggestion, but make the same mistake again and again.

We here at Linguix want to help our users to develop a better understanding of a language and its grammar. This is why we’ve released a brand-new extended rules feature in our Web app.

How it works

Now the system offers extended explanations of grammar rules that should be applied to avoid making a particular mistake in the future. Everything is pretty simple. While working on a text using the Linguix Web App you can see the suggested fixes at the right side of the screen:

Now, when you click on some of them you will see a “Show more” link.

Clicking on this link will open a thorough explanation of the particular error with a corresponding language rule used to fix it. Also, there will be examples of correct and incorrect usage of the rule.

Initially, such extended rule explanations are available for several dozen of the most frequent mistakes made by Linguix users. We will continually work on expanding the library of language rules.

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