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How Linguix Premium Improves Your Writing and Promotes Language Learning

Why should you use Linguix premium? Here’s a quick roundup of the valuable features only available to users of our Premium plans.

Over 700 Premium writing checks

Although the basic functions of Linguix will always be free, there is a set of additional checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure that are available only to Premium users. We have a database of more than seven hundred grammar rules and writing checks that will significantly boost your writing.

Also, as a Premium user you get advanced style suggestions to help make your texts as good as possible. For example, the system can help you improve your writing style better than any other grammar checking software. 

Clear and actionable Premium suggestions will help you to fix the mistake right away, and avoid making them in the future:

Vocabulary enhancement at full swing

Linguix is designed to not just to be a regular grammar checker. It is a powerful language learning engine that helps you expand your vocabulary and master the true sense of the language. 

When you are stuck on an unknown word while reading online and have the Linguix extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge installed, just right-click and choose “Look up in Linguix.”

Also, both our Chrome/Firefox extensions and the Web App feature an AI-fueled synonyms-selection engine. It helps you learn better alternatives to words you already know. Just hold the ALT button and double-click the word when typing something online to get a full list of synonyms divided into categories. Synonyms are grouped based on the context of a sentence:

600% faster content creation

Writers’ block can become a significant problem. It is hard to overcome, it eats up time, and harms your motivation for both writing and learning. To help you win this battle, we’ve prepared dozens of templates for almost any type of text you may need: blog posts, different types of essays, white papers, press releases, and more.

Using content templates can speed up your writing by up to 600%! 

Try our innovative writing AI today: