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How Linguix Helps Smile Bright Media Communicate More Effectively

Every business needs to concentrate on the effectiveness and presentation of its message, and the way in which that business communicates, particularly with customers and clients, can be an integral part of success.

When that business is content marketing, then the need for accurate and error-free written communication is essential. In fact, error-free text is not enough, it’s also about written work that communicates in the right way, meaning the right style and tone for the relevant audience.

Smile Bright Media, based in Miami Beach, Florida, is a business that puts tremendous value on the clarity and professionalism of its message. After all, Smile Bright is a content marketing business that helps build clients’ campaigns, as well as focussing on PR and branding.

Making mistakes with content, or failing to select the right tone and style in that content, would be a potentially expensive mistake for Smile Bright Media. After all, clarity and perfection in message is the business of this particular company.

How has Linguix helped Smile Bright Media?

First of all, it’s important to understand that not everyone can write perfect English every moment of the day. And that is true whatever the language background of the individual, or indeed the frequency that he or she actually writes content. No one is immune to mistakes.

Having a writing assistant, not to mention one that is driven by a powerful AI tool, just makes sense. Anyone can take their eye of the ball, and mistakes in communication are perfectly possible. But those mistakes can be costly to your reputation, even if it is simply a slip in an email, a blog post or a social media post, let alone in the actual content you create for clients.

The Chrome extension available for Linguix first enabled Smile Bright Media employees to produce error-free and stylistically suitable content in any web-based writing activity, from social and business media, to blog post content for Smile Bright’s own site.

The look-up option available, allowing the reader to click on any word and get definitions and synonyms also allowed Smile Bright Media staff to consistently develop their linguistic outlook. After all, we cannot hope to be able to select the right word at the right time every time.


“The extension for Chrome immediately made a difference as our staff had a first-class correction tool for all our web-based content. The improvement was immediately clear.”

Serge Moiseev, Smile Bright Media Inc. co-founder

The Premium Plan

Being a content marketing company, however, Smile Bright Media immediately saw the benefit in going with the Linguix Premium option, which among other things, provides:

·  Unlimited grammar checking capacity

·  2700 checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure

·  2700 checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure

·  Content templates

·  The capacity fix more than 9million common typos

And perhaps the biggest benefit – greater than all of these individually excellent improvements – was the ability to now set goals in the writing.

Setting goals in Linguix

When setting out to write your own content (or in Smile Bright Media’s case, the content for important paying clients), then it is imperative that you set goals in that content. Indeed, this is what Linguix enables you to do, and then tests against these objectives. The goals that can be set in Linguix include:

Readability score: This is numerical score, measured from 0 to 100, and is based on formulas known globally as the Flesch reading ease test, a universally accepted scale. With this you can quickly ascertain the complexity of your text, allowing you to tailor it for your audience as required.

Writing goals on Linguix: Always considering who your audience is, with Linguix you can select the knowledge base of your audience (elementary, etc.), the required register (informal, neutral and formal) and even personalize the purpose of the text (for business, for friends and family etc.). The text that you produce is analyzed with these targets in mind, and recommendations are made accordingly.

Linguix emotions: Ascertaining the tone that is required, for example to be entertaining, serious, friendly, funny or whatever that may be, is essential. Again, with Linguix, these goals can be selected, and the content is assessed by these metrics.


“With these kinds of metrics now established, we could now focus on not only writing error-free text, but content that matches precisely the brief given to us by our clients. This was revolutionary in our approach to our business.”

– Serge Moiseev, Smile Bright Media Inc. co-founder

For Smile Bright Media, having Linguix not only enabled the company’s employees to consistently produce the level of professional content expected from a content marketing business, but enabled them to set content goals that were objectively assessed by a tool. Every step of the way too.


“Having Linguix has taken the quality and suitability of my staff’s writing to another level. For our business, that was invaluable.”

  • Serge Moiseev, Smile Bright Media Inc. co-founder
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