How AI Writing Assistant Linguix Can Save 25% of Sales Prospects

MIAMI, April 18, 2022

On average, sales professionals send 36.2 emails per day and spend 31% of their working time writing them.

No wonder that, due to such time limitations, many employees would just send emails “as is,” without any revision or re-reading.

However, according to a new data analysis from an AI writing assistant Linguix, your sales reps better pay attention to grammar and spelling.

To better understand how this affects sales, Linguix’s team analyzed data from 50,000 respondents.

Key takeaways

  • Over 53% of respondents were negative about the possibility of further doing business with a person who sends them emails with grammar mistakes.
  • Over 26% will not even bother to reply to such an email. Each time your employee sends a message with grammar mistakes, a quarter of potential leads are cut off straight away.
  • What’s more, mistakes or typos in the subject line affect the email open rate. It turned out that almost 25% consider an erroneous title a sound reason not to read the email.

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It’s widely believed that non-natives who speak English fluently are better accepted and earn more. Linguix is committed to helping sound more native, at least, when it comes to the written language, by offering AI-based solutions that empower employees to make the most of their written communications.

“Unlike other AI writing assistants, Linguix focuses on maximizing productivity and efficiency of professional communication. This is why, not only does our product help to fix grammar mistakes, but actually improves content using intelligent AI-based rewriting algorithms. Thus, professionals can always be sure their emails are compelling, efficient, and error-free by default,” explained founder Alex Lashkov.

Alex added: “Companies should pay more attention to providing employees with all the necessary tools to help them improve their writing. We created Linguix with the goal of helping people to communicate clearly and effectively.”

About Linguix

Linguix is an AI-powered software that helps more than 170,000 users, by offering intelligent tools which are designed to help you write powerfully, clearly and correctly–whether you are writing business emails, essays, text messages or crafting a CV.

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