Google Docs Integration Updated, New Features For Premium Users, Increased Performance

Our team is working hard to create the best writing assistant and grammar checker for our global user base. Today we are announcing a big April update, concluding two months of hard work. The result is better Google Docs integration, a more extensive feature set for our Premium users, and increased performance.

Here is what’s new in Linguix.

Long Google Documents support

Since we released Google Docs support back in February, the top requested feature to add has been the opportunity to check very long documents. To do this, we’ve redesigned integration, and are now proud to announce support for very long documents up to 30 pages long. 

Now you can check your articles, blog posts, college essays, and any other big documents with no performance issues, and see the complete report right away.

More features for Premium users

The ability to grammar check texts of unlimited length in Google Docs is also now available to our Premium users. In addition, our Premium plan subscribers can now access comprehensive statistics and readability scores for their writing in one click. Just hover your mouse over to the menu where the number of mistakes is shown, and click the diagram icon. 

Then, a pop-up with comprehensive stats on document length, reading, and speaking time, as well as the average length of word/sentence, will appear. The readability score is one of the most important metrics here, as this allows you to align your writing with your target audience.

Increased performance 

We’ve also worked hard to enhance the performance of our extensions. Sometimes, you open long documents not to edit them, but to get some information. In this case, running the whole text through the grammar checking algorithm is not such a good solution from a performance point of view. 

To avoid any unexpected delays and to make the process of using Google Docs in combination with Linguix more enjoyable, we’ve designed an option that allows you to mark long documents as view-only. In such cases, the document won’t be checked by our artificial intelligence algorithm. If you do want to check the document, push the “Check it” button:

We’ve also conducted a lot of work under the hood, resulting in an overall performance boost of up to 30%. As a result, Linguix users can now check their grammar and receive writing stats at lightning speed!

Let us know what you think!

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