Easy Ways to Improve And Expand Your Vocabulary

English is a voluminous language with a vast vocabulary. But, you should improve and expand your vocabulary to have better conversations without getting short on words. Are you puzzled about how to enhance vocabulary, and you need some easy ways for it? Here, we suggest easy ways for vocabulary enhancement and improvement.


Here are some simple and easy ways for your vocabulary enhancement. We have divided them into categories for your convenience, so here we go:


It is the first step towards your vocabulary enhancement. Make a notebook or journal before following any other step to enhance vocabulary. It will help you in improving and expanding your vocabulary. Note down the word you just learned or read somewhere in your notebook.

Keep your notepad handy by opting for a digital version of the notebook. There are many notepads available online, each with different qualities and features. Try a few of them and then choose one according to your preferred features. Download it on your phone, so you can easily open your notepad to note a new word when you don’t have your journal around. Copy the words from your digital pad to your journal/notebook when you get some time.

Now you can recall your newly learned vocabulary anytime and this way you will never forget it.


If you want to enhance vocabulary faster, then you have to read a lot more than ever. Whenever possible, read, read and read as much as you can. Take out some time from your daily routine for reading and make your vocabulary enhancement easy. While reading, don’t just read and learn new words and focus on how that word is used in sentences.


Make learning new words easy for yourself by reading your favorite type of books, whether you like reading novels or informational books. When you have your interest in a subject, it becomes easy to learn and understand.

Vocabulary enhancement will become simple when you make a routine of reading newspapers daily in the morning. This habit will help you stay updated and improve your vocabulary because newspapers contain almost every kind of news, each with different words.


Dictionaries are excellent to enhance and improve your vocabulary over time. Learn only one word per day from the dictionary, learn its meaning and search for its synonyms and antonyms on the thesauruses. Using thesauruses is an easy way to learn new words and enhance vocabulary.


Read online articles and blog posts of your own choice as the internet has a massive variety of articles and posts. Learn new words from them and try to understand the meaning by the context of the sentence. Then check the meaning of the word that, whether you guessed it right or wrong, will make your vocabulary enhancement smooth.


We learn things quickly when we listen and hear them. Take an example of songs; how do we memorize songs so quickly? Because we listen to them on repeat. Here are a few ways to enhance vocabulary by listening.


Listening to music and songs is a free-time activity, and if you love listening to music, you can take advantage of it. Listen to English songs in your free and relaxing time, listen to your favorite genre and the music you enjoy. Whenever you hear a new word in songs, note down the word and find its meaning.


While you are in the class, taking a lecture, listen to your professor with focus and complete attention. Listen to his words and pronunciation to remember those words. Listen attentively to your friends and family members who speak fluent or even average English. They might use some words which you don’t have a clue about and learn the meaning and pronunciation of that word.


Watching can make your vocabulary enhancement effortless. How? Here’s how:


Watch English news channels whenever you get a chance. Try to extract some time from your day and watch the news for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Watching and listening to the news will indeed support you to improve and expand your vocabulary.

What if you are not interested in watching the news? Then, you might be interested in watching sports and games, and if yes, then it is a plus point. While watching some sports (cricket, football, etc.), focus on the commentary and learn new words from it. Commentators are usually very impressive and entertaining during a match/competition, and they use a wide range of expressions. If you find any word new and unique, don’t forget to note it down.


Watching English movies will help you expand and enhance vocabulary. Write down any word that you find unfamiliar and keep enjoying the movie. Search for its meaning after watching the film so that it doesn’t spoil your chilling mood too.


Writing is an appreciable habit, and it is helpful in improving vocabulary. Following methods of writing will make it easier for you to enhance vocabulary for sure.


Keeping a personal diary can sometimes be challenging, but it is advantageous and beneficial. It will remind you of the good and bad times of your life. But besides its actual purpose, it has some other benefits too. If you are trying to improve and enhance vocabulary, then penning down your daily routine in your diary will assist you in achieving better outcomes. Try to use new words in your diary, because you don’t have to search for the meaning of those words again when you read them someday.


We have already talked about making a journal or notebook. But what is the method to maintain a vocabulary journal? We will tell you how to maintain a journal to get maximum benefits from it.

  • The first step is writing down the words. Whenever you find a new or uncommon word, whether in a book, newspaper, or a movie, jot it down in your journal.
  • Search for its meanings, synonyms, and antonyms and write them down too.
  • Make a few sentences using the word to get fluent with its use.

Follow the above-mentioned three steps to make the best use of your journal either it is digital or manual.


As soon as you get smooth with the use of your newly learned words, try going big. Write some detailed paragraphs or essays using the new terms. Practice makes everything better, and vocabulary enhancement also needs a lot of practice. And writing an essay will be an excellent option to enhance vocabulary.


After you have learned a new letter, its meaning, and also made some sentences using the word. Use that word in communication because it will help you memorize it forever.


Today, to catch up with our friends and family, we usually chat first and make plans to meet in person. Chat in English with your friends and family to improve and enhance vocabulary. Make good use of your just learned vocabulary so that you don’t forget it again.


To make your English vocabulary better and better, conversing in English will effortlessly work best for vocabulary enhancement. When you meet your friends or anyone who speaks better English than you, talk to them in English. And ask them to point out any mistake you make. On the other hand, it will also boost your confidence, and you will be able to speak in English in front of anyone without a hitch.



Enjoy your journey to enhance vocabulary by making it a fun activity. There are hundreds of games that help in expanding and improving vocabulary. You can get some board games for vocabulary enhancement or download any available online game according to your choice. Play some fun games with your friends in your spare time and take full advantage of that time. For example, word searches, scrabble, crosswords, boggle are common and simple games to enhance vocabulary more quickly.


Take part in any English language competition to improve and enhance vocabulary without worrying about the results. Be confident and give your best because you will at least learn a few more new words; either you win or lose. It can be essay writing, a spelling competition, or maybe an online game competition. Online games usually provide options for competing with your friends and even anyone around the world. Like you can just lie on your couch and take part in an online global battle. Many groups also organize tournaments for online games, and that way, you can compete with hundreds of participants.


Vocabulary enhancement is not a difficult or impossible task, and it just needs some time, dedication, and attention. Dedicate your leisure and free hours to improve and enhance vocabulary by following those, as mentioned earlier, easy and handy ways. Learn one word a day, make it fun and enjoy your vocabulary enhancement journey.

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