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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Written English

Improve your writing skills with our 5 simple ways to upgrade your English writing style and become a better writer

Are you struggling with your English writing skills? You don’t know how to improve grammar and vocabulary? Writing English is tough for you? 

You have landed at the right place as we believe that everybody can learn and improve their English writing irrespective of age, anywhere, anytime. You just have to follow our simple tips and trick and level up.

Jonathan Culver said, “The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.”

Writing English is a major ability that can’t be denied in today’s world. If you are aiming to become a content writer, a university graduate, or want to achieve a high score in IELTS, you must improve your writing to write crisp details and perfect grammar.

With all the latest technology of autocorrect and writing apps with voice assistance, the importance of writing is still there. You don’t have the option of using them everywhere. The basic writing skills should be learned to become an accomplished writer.

If you are a newbie at writing English and don’t know where to start, no worries. We will take you through our 5 easy and simple steps to improve your writing style. Let’s get started…..

Read, Read, and Read

This is the first and most important step towards improving your writing. Before you start writing, try to read as much as you can. A good reader can become the best writer. Make it your lifetime habit and try to read regularly. It not only broadens the horizon but it also gives you an idea of the correct usage of words, different writing style, grammar, and vocabulary.

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading in order to write. A man will turn over half a library to make a book.”                                                             

        Samuel Johnson

It is best to read about a certain topic first if you want to write about it. This will not only give you an idea but also clears any misconception about it.

Learn spellings 

Writing is for your solace of mind and also for reading by other people. A writing full of spelling mistakes is not only hard to read but annoying at the same time. 

Sometimes, two words might sound the same but have different spellings. For example, plain means simple and straight and plane stands for an airplane. Learn the spellings so that the reader is not confused.

Also, after writing anything, read it to you. This way you can find out the spelling mistakes. Also, it allows you to read your writing in a flow and improve the writing skills.

Level up your vocabulary

If you are not good at vocabulary and you want to know how to improve grammar and vocabulary, then the key tip is to learn them first.

A good vocabulary can make or break your writing. You cannot bring your thoughts on paper if you don’t have the proper vocabulary. Brush up your list of vocabulary by learning new words. A writing with a usual basic vocabulary is not appealing as compared to some advanced and new words. It gives a change and fresh feel to the same sentence that is written in a regular manner.

Improve the vocabulary by not learning their meanings only. Read the example sentences and make your own sentence too. It will help you to memorize it quickly and perfectly.

Polish your Grammar

Like heart is to the soul, just like that, grammar is to the writing. Without good grammar and proper tenses, the gist of the writing is lost. Grammar and writing go side by side. 

Grammar is more focused in writing as compared to speaking, as writing needs to be more structured and formal. To depict the correct timing of an action or event, tenses are really important.

Don’t forget to learn and include punctuation in your writing. It makes the writing fluent and clear. After learning the basic rules of grammar, you can practice the grammar exercises to make it right.

Start writing NOW

Just grab a pen and paper and start writing. You can write anything you like. Try to write different versions of a single text. As they say, “practice makes a man perfect.” Even a professional writer cannot get his hands on a fine copy on the first try.

We learn from our mistakes in life. Similarly, we learn from our mistakes in writing. If we will not write, we will not make mistakes. So how can we learn?

You can start by reading any story or an article and then close the book. Now write that story again in your words. Also, don’t try to make your writing perfect by taking loads of time. Give an allocated time to yourself to complete the work. It would train you to think and write quicker.

Some expert tips

Now, you have mastered the 5 initial and simple ways to improve your writing. Try to indulge these pro tips in your writing to take it up a notch higher.

  • Before starting to write, sketch an outline about what you want to write. The outline will help you to write in an organized and smooth way.
  • Always proofread your writing before presenting it to someone. It’s better to correct your mistakes yourself before someone else points them out.
  • The different types of writing (resume, diaries, poems, essays, stories, and novels) serve different functions. Assess the reader and the type you are going to write and set the style accordingly.
  • Generally, a conversational tone is used to make a writing friendly and easy for every kind of reader.
  • In this era of technology, while using social websites and other platforms, you can comment on posts that you like. Write whatever comes to your mind and also read other people’s comments. It is a fun way to improve your writing.
  • Make a habit of diary writing. It makes you write in a routine. Also, it is a therapeutic exercise to relax after the whole day.
  • Write short sentences and don’t write very big paragraphs as they tend to lose the interest of the reader.
  • You can learn and add some quotes that are inspiring and give meaning and authenticity to your written material.
  • Write what you feel and be genuine to mark a statement in your writing style.
  • After writing something, ask someone to read it. That person should be a master of English or a native speaker. He/she can check your grammar, tenses, spellings, and sentence structure, and compilation.

Final Say

Writing English is even easier than speaking it as you get more time to ponder and make it perfect. It’s all about the practice to improve your writing. I hope that these ways prove to be beneficial for you, just incorporate them in your writing and become a pro. 

An expert or advanced English writing expertise cannot be achieved overnight. You have to practice hard and then create your unique writing style and amaze the people around you.

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