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Gold-standard writing guidance
Content Quality Score
As you type, the Content Quality Score shows how good your content is in terms of engagement, readability, and client style guide compliance.
Advanced language insights
See insights on grammar, brevity, engaging phrases, corporate clichés, harmful language, and much more.
Client style preferences compliance
Brief your client and turn their brand-focused requirements into a style guide that will alert everyone on your team when their content is non-compliant.
360-degree analytics
Analyze your team performance over time and get notified about style issues or content quality trends.
Get help anywhere you need
Write with Linguix guidance directly in Google Docs, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Facebook Business Manager, and millions of apps—or write at
Built for enterprise
Linguix offers SSO access, on-premise installations, flexible team management, and access roles.
What our customers say
Initially I went out looking for solutions for myself to improve my own spelling and grammar, which led me to stumble across Linguix. I know from my own personal experience that it's made a massive difference to my communication patterns. My grammar and spelling and everything has improved dramatically based on what I've actually learned from the software. Just get in there and give it a crack. You won't regret it.
Matt Jones
Director&Business Development @ Tradie Web Guys
This tool has been pivotal in improving our customer responses and online help center articles to look and sound professional. Linguix has done an excellent job not just on grammar and spell checking, but also on making an attractive and modernized UI on all their customer account pages and other tool integration that make it fun and engaging to use.
Caleb Bates
Director of Customer Success @ Worldplay
We have been using Linguix for over a year now, and we have found it an amazing tool to reduce common writing issues. The ability to check work as it is being written, and the added help when editing makes it a vital part of the CGMagazine process.
Brendan Frye
Editor-in-Chief @ CGMagazine
Great tool for grammar checking and writing skill improvement. I type, get my fixes, and then Linguix offers me tailored language training. This is just amazing!
Jane I.
[Linguix is] the Grammarly destroyer you've been waiting for. Linguix brings everything to the table that its competitor does, plus some amazing features. The UI is definitely preferable and very clean.
Christopher J.
CEO at Owl SEM
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