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The topic of [relevant topic to be discussed] is [what is it? i.e. — a pressing concern/a vital consideration to society etc.] due to [justification why]. This is a topic on many people’s minds due to the fact certain sections hold the view that [one viewpoint] while others hold the belief that [counter viewpoint].

Thesis statement

In my view, this is a particularly pressing topic because of [justify viewpoint, using most persuasive ideas].

First Supportive statement

Beginning argument 1: Vital to be considered in this particular issue is [add here persuasive factual evidence in support of your argument]. Beginning argument 1 (second possibility): Respected authorities in this field have discovered [a synopsis of supporting research].

Second Supportive statement

Beginning argument 2: Relevant authorities on the topic, namely [name of professional person] have contributed to the topic, stating “[relevant comment].” Beginning argument 2 (second possibility): A supporting case in point is [include information about a relevant supporting example].

Third Supportive statement

Beginning argument 3: Another supporting case in point is [include information about another relevant supporting example]. Beginning argument 3 (second possibility): Another prominent authority on this issue supports [this topic] in the renowned work [relevant publication etc], in which he/she states “[relevant supporting comment].”

First counterargument

There are many who hold the counter viewpoint that [counter viewpoint] due to [justification]. However, this can be a flawed argument as [justification of flaw].

Second counterargument

Similarly, others argue against this issue because they hold the opinion that [counter viewpoint]. Again, fault lines can be seen in this particular belief because they are omitting [relevant important fact they are not considering] from their standpoint.

Concluding paragraph

Beginning concluding point: The evidence simply does not exist to state [counter argument to main these points], mainly because of [reasons and opinions of relevant authorities who have discredited this standpoint]. Beginning concluding point – second possibility: There is overwhelming proof that [support essay’s main argument] in spite of the counter views held by others.
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