Beginning idea: An unforgettable interlude which had a profound effect on my [what – for example, work/personal life etc.] happened [when?]. It was at that juncture that [give a synopsis of events and their impact].
Beginning idea – second possibility: It will never leave me, that period when [give a synopsis of events]. Undoubtedly the legacy of [what?] was profound as it changed my [what? – for example, work/personal life etc.] in a way in which I could never have envisaged.

Commence telling the tale

Beginning idea: Events commenced with [give a deeper description of this defining beginning]. [Use specific literary techniques such as metaphor to deeply engage the audience, focusing on their senses].
Beginning idea – second possibility: The events of [what?] have left a legacy of [what? – for example the deep effects on you, and how].

Carry on with the tale

Beginning idea: An additional significant memory from this interlude was [what? – briefly give details].
Beginning idea – second possibility: There is an oft-used quote which states [what?] This never fails to remind me of [key moment in your life]

The climactic event or tipping point

Beginning idea: The integral point in this interlude was undoubtedly [the climactic point, that is to say, the tipping point]. From that juncture, my life was to change unrecognizably. 
Beginning idea – second possibility: Lastly, [give a brief synopsis of the tipping point within the story. The lesson from that was clearly [what?]

Concluding paragraph

Beginning idea: Casting my gaze back on that specific period, it is clear to me that it had a profound impact on my [what? – for example, work, personal life etc.]
Beginning idea – second possibility: Those interludes will forever be a significant factor in the context of my life due to the fact the ripples were felt in all aspects, namely my [what? – for example, work, personal life etc.]. Without it, I fail to see how I would be [what?] that I am now. [An example here could be an adjective or superlative statement].
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