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[Subject] is an important rising issue and it is something on everyone’s lips. Yet you may not know that [relevant statistic of how the issue is impacting – this could be positive or negative]

Main section

[Subject] is a pressing issue due to the fact that __________. Vitally, this is an important consideration because of [most significant likely consequence].

Important considerations

Firstly, the key consideration is [what]. This is such a significant point to bear in mind due to [reason] and is therefore in first position here.
Secondly, did you know [relevant product/issue/person etc] is [achievement] due to [reason] and that is how [it/he/she] ended up here on this list.
The next one will really make you smile. [Product/issue/person] has climbed onto this list simply because of [amazing details], making [it/he/she] [relevant statistic]
We’re not quite finished because you can also find [product/issue/person etc] creeping onto this list as [appealing info] and [more appealing info], resulting in [its/his/her] success.


 We would love you to comment on why these have become such popular [products/people etc] and why they appeal. Is there [anything/anyone] missing in your opinion – please let us know!
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