Alex Lashkov

Alex Lashkov

Co-founder | Marketing & Sales

Alex Lashkov is the co-founder of Linguix working on sales and marketing.

Alex started his career more than 10 years ago. An engineer, he transitioned to marketing, back in 2015 he founded a content marketing agency to help IT startups reach wider audience and boost sales.

A couple of years later Alex moved to the US to develop his marketing venture. Scratching own itch, he decided to build a solution that would help non-native English writers to deliver perfect content and boost their writing skill. This is how Linguix was founded.

Alex has been regularly recognized for his marketing expertise, visionary approach to business promotion that has helped him build two companies and help both businesses and customers worldwide by boosting their communications. Alex has authored a book on practical content marketing and published more than 50 columns, articles, reports, and case studies. Alex is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada.

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