Alex Buchmann

Alex Buchmann

Co-founder | Finance & Partnerships

Alex Buchman is the co-founder of Linguix managing finance and partnerships.

Entrepreneur and angel investor in multiple ventures, startups, IT & IOT projects. Since early internet years founded Destiny Sphere GmbH - an online gaming development company, including games for social platforms.

Business transformed later on in to larger company Avrora Interactive which in addition to development is also publishing many kinds of games, such as 9 dragons, My City, Genetics, Office wars, Nitro Club, and others.

Alex was also CEO of companies such as Mobix Chip LLC, Smart Metering Systems LLC, from microchips industry, and development of automated commercial registries.

He also has vast experience in media and movie production, founded musical label Real Hot Records and movie production studio Avrora Media GmbH. Cannes Film Festival Award and German State Film Prize winner. Graduate of Berlin University.

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