How To Use Winkle out In A Sentence

  • The Television Licensing Authority seems to be admitting defeat in the quest to winkle out viewers illegally watching TV programs on their computers in the UK.
  • It's clear water conditions or a fining down river for me - but then, I have managed to winkle out the odd pike in just about any condition a river can throw up, so never write off your chances.
  • Where Bintley probes psychology lightly, McCabe seems to burrow, and winkle out hidden layers.
  • The security services will pretty well go to any lengths to winkle out information.
  • Now Australia must winkle out the remaining three wickets for as few runs as possible before it's the turn of our own out-of-sorts batsmen to collectively show the grit required to post a decent first innings lead.
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  • When you know how many there are in the lake, you would think that an experienced angler would be able to winkle out a few trout, but we had found it tough.
  • In the end, Jess found some kind of redemption, working her way out of the shadow of rejection, hanging on to her decency and innate goodness, while managing to winkle out elements long submerged in her personality.
  • His relentless search to winkle out the new and a youthful ability to keep his ear to the ground is to be taken seriously.
  • Certainly, information has been difficult to winkle out, apart from the official face of the MAFF website, and there has been the nagging suspicion that something has been kept from us.
  • The security services will pretty well go to any lengths to winkle out information.
  • The security services will pretty well go to any lengths to winkle out information.
  • It will not be easy to winkle out the old guard and train younger replacements.
  • He'll also show you how it's done, and even in the depths of winter, Dave can usually winkle out a rainbow trout or two using the more delicate techniques.
  • The viewer is enticed by the deliberate placement of phrases, formulas, and other elements to try to winkle out the connections.
  • You have to try and winkle out a buyer in this country or from abroad who is really intent on buying - not any old castle - but this one.
  • Even the umpire (one of the opposition team) said ‘it takes an older bowler with experience to winkle out these openers - why didn't they use you earlier?’
  • Blackpool failed to mount a serious run-chase in reply but Netherfield could not winkle out the last two wickets for a victory as the visitors finished on 143-8.
  • The ability of New Caledonian crows to make hook-like sticks which they use to winkle out food such as insect grubs is well-known. Crows as Intelligent as Apes | Impact Lab
  • And after all, there is something to be said for taking time to winkle out the trail's secrets.

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