[ US /ˈwɪɫsən/ ]
  1. Scottish ornithologist in the United States (1766-1813)
  2. 28th President of the United States; led the United States in World War I and secured the formation of the League of Nations (1856-1924)
  3. English writer of novels and short stories (1913-1991)
  4. Scottish physicist who invented the cloud chamber (1869-1959)
  5. United States entomologist who has generalized from social insects to other animals including humans (born in 1929)
  6. United States physicist honored for his work on cosmic microwave radiation (born in 1918)
  7. American Revolutionary leader who was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence (1742-1798)
  8. a peak in the San Juan mountains of Colorado (14,246 feet high)
  9. United States literary critic (1895-1972)
  10. Canadian geophysicist who was a pioneer in the study of plate tectonics (1908-1993)
  11. author of the first novel by an African American that was published in the United States (1808-1870)
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How To Use Wilson In A Sentence

  • In 1850 Joy and Edward Wilson patented twin boilers working in parallel within the same casing.
  • The latest strategy is now seen dropping unsupported accusations across the media spectrum to the effect that the intelligence agency's assignment of Ambassador Joseph Wilson to look into the now-discredited Iraq/Niger/uranium claims were all part of a long-term insidious scheme to try and discredit the Bush Administration. Brad Friedman: Wingnuts Declare Coordinated All-Out Cross-Media War on CIA as Newest Front in TreasonGate!
  • If a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking. - Woodrow Wilson
  • Somewhere in the darkest, dingiest corner of hell, Andrew Wilson is laughing," Beuke told jurors. Jon Burge Trial: Jury Begins Deliberations
  • September 9th, 2009 10: 03 pm ET cong. wilson 's outburst, is the worse thing i have heard in the congress to a president. GOP congressman heckles Obama during health-care speech
  • Wilson also dispensed with the ceremoniousness hamstringing Boston's other lyceums, such as their practice of staging elaborate quasi-military "Banner Marches," which they sometimes even performed before military veterans. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.: Harriet Wilson's Sunday School
  • We talk about why the new generation slipstream is not the fusion of literary fiction and SF/F. Fri 1200 Remembering Robert Anton WILSON Archive 2007-08-01
  • Wilson drills and reams a hole that will form the beginning of the bolt channel.
  • Mr Wilson says organic farms reverse many modern agricultural trends.
  • So an embarrassed clerk in the table office wrote to Mr Wilson, advising him of proposed amendments to his motion.
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