White person

  1. a Caucasian
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How To Use White person In A Sentence

  • Obama writes that his child-self felt "ambushed" by the sudden revelation that black people endured such things "in response to advertisements that promised happiness as a white person". The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama by David Remnick
  • I know of 2 cases (one in my research and one in another sociological study) where parents of a white person in an interracial relationship suggested, encouraged, and promoted abortion to prevent the birth of a biracial child (I am hesitantly using the term biracial because most of the white relatives would say the child is black.) Racist Parents Kidnap Daughter and Try to Force Abortion
  • Ya well her desperation is annoying to this "bitter typical white person" who still supports Obama and begs that Hillary end this madness. Paterson says Clinton frustrated, not desperate
  • They would not assemble unless a white person was present.
  • Sailer's column linked to a Wikipedia entry on the word "wigger," which, at the time (as well as currently) read: "Wigger (alternatively spelled wigga or whigger or whigga) is a slang term that refers to a white person who emulates mannerisms, slangs and fashions stereotypically associated with urban African Americans; especially in relation to hip hop culture. Wow, That's a Big Tent
  • I'm writing to express my embarrassment as a white person and outrage as a female with regard to the photo in today's paper of the sweet little Haitian girl, Dania, holding a very white 'trampy' looking Barbie doll," an e-mail from a concerned Mt. Lebanon reader said. post-gazette.com - News
  • April 23rd, 2010 12: 43 pm ET its about the about clour people. let me ask all you immigrant haters, all you racists on the right one question. if any white person and a dark skin person walks the road who do you think they will stop???? common racists, answer. i will answer, the DARK SKIN HUMAN BEING. the dude Obama calls Arizona immigration bill 'misguided'
  • It's because of racism. Store detectives will watch a Black person more than a white person.
  • The poet T.S. Eliot also considered “white trash” to be a white person who fornicated with a non-white. Matthew Yglesias » Detroit Wants $14 Billion More
  • As a white person, Terre'blanch's death "leaves me cold" - to quote an apartheid notable. Guardian Online
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