West Saxon

  1. an inhabitant of Wessex
  2. a literary dialect of Old English
  3. a dialect of Middle English
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How To Use West Saxon In A Sentence

  • In turn they were attacked again and again by the Danes from the north, who for a time gained a, strong foothold in the land, but were finally subdued and absorbed, or driven out by Alfred the Great who had succeeded in welding the various Anglo-Saxon communities into one unit under the leadership of the West Saxons. The Empire of Mankind
  • Ecgberht had blood claims on the kingdom of the West Saxons and probably Kent; he became briefly king of the Mercians after defeating their king in battle.
  • The innovations that Alfred introduced meant that within twenty years of his death, most of the Danelaw had been reconquered by the West Saxon kings and their Mercian allies.
  • Rather than respond to Vikings with ad hoc levies of his local noblemen which were disbanded when the crisis had passed, the West Saxons would now always have a force in the field.
  • His great-grandson Edward began as king of the West Saxons, became king of Mercia after the death of his sister who ruled there, and took over the kingdom of the East Angles after a series of military campaigns.
  • David Miles recalls finding Christian jewels in a cemetery of West Saxons newly converted from pagan beliefs.
  • The West Saxon kings used Kent as a sort of appanage to be ruled as subkingdoms by West Saxon princes.
  • Even the West Saxon ceorl appears as the head of a free peasant household, owing military service, capable of owning slaves, and with significant legal status.
  • IN THIS year Cynewulf and the councillors of the West Saxons deprived Sigeberht of his kingdom because of his unjust acts, except for Hampshire; and he retained that until he killed the ealdorman who stood by him longest; and then Cynewulf drove him into the Weald, and he lived there until a swineherd stabbed him to death by the stream at Privett, and he was avenging Ealdorman Cumbra. The Early Middle Ages 500-1000
  • By the middle of the tenth century the last Danish king had been driven out of England and the West Saxon line now ruled the whole country.
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