1. of or relating to a welfare state
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How To Use welfarist In A Sentence

  • Yet, while he crafts himself as a colonial administrator, he simultaneously comes to be critical of the discourses and practices that surround him, becoming agonistically positioned by urges towards a welfarist (though not necessarily humanitarian) system of government which the financially strained central government will not allow.
  • Mass immigration into welfarist societies means losses to almost all the rich, poor and middle ranks of the citizenry. Opposition to Immigration: Get Your Story Straight, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty
  • The big players in the global economy, not to mention the Bretton Woods institutions simply will not like a government which implements expensive welfarist policies of this kind.
  • He had been attracted to the welfarist ideas of William Beveridge in Britain.
  • This is what the "welfarist" view of American society and an abstract conception of "coalition politics" lead to in practice. An Exchange on the Left
  • Labeling an individual a "welfarist" or "rightist" connotes important messages about their views on animal exploitation. Marc Bekoff: Who Lives and Who Dies: We All Care About Animals, Right?
  • My position is ultimately that these debates between the social welfarist position and the individual's philosophy are all very interesting, but they're ultimately quite arid.
  • A real opposition to statism in both its welfarist and militarist guises is resurgent and it finds itself in a target-rich environment full of follies to lampoon, lambaste, and expose.
  • Rather than hiding behind hypocritical pro-market rhetoric, it is time to admit they have embraced their very own entitlement-boom that rivals the dreams of any European welfarist. Ron Davis: The Republican Nanny State
  • Insofar as someone in a sufficiently blissful stupor had no opportunity to reflect that, say, they were squandering their capacities by not reading Proust or listening to Wagner, I think the mental-state welfarist is hard pressed to seriously aver that this person is experiencing less subjective happiness, from a God Who Loves You perspective, than someone who has the enjoyment of realizing their capacities. Happiness Redux
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