How To Use Weedkiller In A Sentence

  • Likewise the pesticides and weedkillers used in large-scale crop-farming kill plants and wildlife and pollute the atmosphere.
  • With repeated applications of weedkiller, the weeds were overcome.
  • However the latest one includes 80 gardening products, mainly selective weedkillers for lawns.
  • Glyphosate, the world's most heavily used weedkiller, has been on sale since the 1970s. Times, Sunday Times
  • The trials compared the effects on the environment of weedkillers used in GM farming with those of herbicides used to spray the conventional versions of the same crops.
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  • DuPont's Optimum GAT seeds are genetically modified to grow into soybean plants able to survive exposure to glyphosate-based weedkiller as well as another herbicide called acetolate synthase. DuPont Delays Seed in Soybean Spat
  • Weedkiller, my brain says back to me: as if it needed replication. LEARNING TO TALK: SHORT STORIES
  • The ‘conservationist’ fields covered practices such as late mowing of grass to allow the hatching of birds like the godwit and oystercatcher, leaving a perimeter strip untouched and using less fertiliser and weedkillers.
  • Obvious sponsors might be seed merchants or weedkiller manufacturers.
  • Always keep pets and children off lawns that have been sprayed with weedkillers until the spray has dried and preferably for twenty-four hours afterwards.
  • Weeds can be dealt with by a number of selected weedkillers that, if used correctly, are extremely effective.
  • The weedkiller is being sprayed on villages in a concentration 100 times more powerful than is permitted in the US.
  • The weedkiller was applied to the lawn neat.
  • But don't be overzealous - it is too early for effective use of lawn weedkillers unless there is a good warm spell.
  • But his green-fingered attempts to brighten up the area have been wrecked by council workers who sprayed them with weedkiller.
  • How can I deal with speedwell in my lawn, preferably without using weedkillers?
  • They seem to be impervious to weedkillers and they spread into such inaccessible places that digging them out would be a difficult and mammoth task.
  • These individuals threw around weedkiller and detergent like confetti.
  • Both 2,4-D and dicamba, another older herbicide, are common ingredients in weedkillers at lawn-and-garden stores, which homeowners are careful to keep away from flowers and vegetables. Superweed Outbreak Triggers Arms Race
  • For the garden at Redhall is run along organic lines, with an emphasis on achieving good plant health without fighting problems with pesticides, weedkillers or fertilisers.
  • If people could also clear the gutters outside their homes and premises of debris and weeds there would be less need for the use of strong weedkillers.
  • Use a spray to apply the weedkiller.
  • The weedkiller was applied to the lawn neat.
  • Kerosene is also used as a fuel for tractors and power generators and as a solvent for garden chemicals such as weedkillers and insecticides.
  • GM crops allow the use of much more poisonous weedkillers, which pose serious health risks to people.
  • Ordinary life is, however, full of dangerous articles - kitchen knives and garden weedkillers, to mention but two.
  • They are now becoming established in our lawn and I am tempted to cover the whole of my garden with weedkiller, but perhaps that's a little extreme.
  • The weeds and rampant vegetation seem to be dying off, as if the owner has run amok with a weedkiller can a few years too late.
  • Farmers would then have to use more and more damaging weedkillers to get rid of them, with knock-on impacts on the environment.
  • Use a spray to apply the weedkiller.
  • More than 200 weedkillers, mainly lawn treatments, are being withdrawn from the market after manufacturers chose not to submit them for EU safety tests.
  • Imagine then that some genetic modifier gets the idea that you could suppress the weed in crops with glyphosate if the crops themselves had been engineered to be immune to the weedkiller.
  • So throw out the weedkiller and invite some indigenous plants into your garden plot.
  • Crops are produced without artificial pesticides or weedkillers and animals are kept free-range without the routine use of antibiotics and vaccines.
  • The council will use an organic weedkiller to get rid of the ragwort, which won't harm other wildlife.
  • How can I deal with speedwell in my lawn, preferably without using weedkillers?
  • At Yalding they use a flame gun or hoe to control weeds, not chemical weedkillers; ground covering plants also keep down weeds.
  • Pesticides, weedkillers, fire extinguishers and food additives, also undergo thorough testing.
  • Farm pesticides and weedkillers have had a devastating effect on Europe's bird populations, according to a study released today.

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