1. make into or use as a weapon or a potential weapon
    Will modern physicists weaponize String Theory?
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How To Use weaponize In A Sentence

  • The potential for overreach of CISADA's "energy" classification may be reminiscent of restrictions and prohibitions on exports prohibited in pre-war Iraq, specifically when non-weaponized materials such as x-ray machines, entirely inadaptable to weaponization were characterized as "dual use" materials, the only significant result of that policy was to deprive sick Iraqi civilians of basic care. Sean Penn: A State Department That Can
  • Going beyond the abstractions of human knowledge and what is known, he also argues that the NIE report itself as it stands is a good reason to get tougher with Iran because it suggests that Tehran can begin to "weaponize" its nuclear fuel at any time. Philip Giraldi: Neocons Strike Back on Iran
  • There's never been an acknowledgement that any facility there had weaponized anthrax.
  • I think we'll find biological precursors that may or may not have been weaponized.
  • A "missile" is a projectile, powered during flight by either solid of liquid-fueled engines, with a weaponized payload of some kind (example: SCUDs, 'Katyushas'). Boing Boing: July 16, 2006 - July 22, 2006 Archives
  • Weaponized uranium metal bombs detonated with high explosives create tiny aerosols of burning uranium oxides and uranium nitrides. Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab's 200 Executioners Ready
  • There were some strains of weaponized anthrax, he told her, that were now close to perfect. CHAMELEON
  • After all, plague is one of the diseases that can be weaponized.
  • He grew it, probably on a solid medium and weaponized it at a private location where he had accumulated the equipment and the material.
  • Worse, there's no reason to think that he's the only person in the world who has ‘no moral qualms about developing weaponized anthrax and smallpox.’
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