How To Use Urease In A Sentence

  • The steady-state ITC method has been used to determine the enzyme kinetics parameters of several enzymes, including H. pylori urease, E. coli GroEL chaperonin, heparinase I, yeast hexokinase, HIV protease, pyruvate carboxylase, and dinucleoside polyphosphate hydrolase. GEN News Highlights
  • Urease activity which was shown to be critical for M. tuberculosis survival in phagosome is dependent on Nickel, while Vitamin B12 biosynthesis which is a Cobalt dependent process is important for PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles
  • Tests showed that urease is also a protein, making this the first ever protein to be crystallized. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1946 - Speed Read
  • This hydrolysis of urea is facilitated by the universal and abundant enzyme, urease.
  • However, a variety of urease producing bacteria are present in the mouth and swallowed in the saliva.
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  • Urease liberated in these events seems to coat bacterial cell surfaces where its hydrolysis of urea to produce ammonia may provide a first line defense against gastric acidity.
  • However, six months after the end of treatment, only three of the 15 patients had a negative urease test, indicating the infection had returned in the others.
  • The activity of Soil urease, acidphosphotase and invertase weakened with increase of soil depth.
  • In 1926, however, in connection with his studies of a special enzyme "urease", James B. Sumner of Cornell University, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1946 - Presentation Speech
  • It produces an enzyme called urease, which neutralises stomach acid.
  • I did my famous self experimentation and the early urease tests were developed. Barry J. Marshall - Autobiography
  • They reduce the excessive amounts of calcium, uric acid or the enzyme urease, typically found in the urinary tracts of people with kidney stones.
  • Sumner had in 1926 crystalized an enzyme, urease, from jack beans and suggested that the crystals were the pure protein. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry: The Development of Modern Chemistry
  • An enzyme called urease is produced by certain bacteria in the urinary tract. Press Release
  • The lack of urease C allows phagosomal acidification and provides an ideal pH environment for listeriolysin.
  • It creates a unique micro environment by secreting an enzyme called urease which creates a local environment of alkaline or not acid so that it can withstand acid.
  • H. pylori depends on a protein called urease to bind to and infect the stomach lining, and so the scientists created a urease antibody called IgY-urease they then fortified the yoghurt with. DairyReporter RSS
  • Sumner, USA (Nobel Prize 1946) crystallizes the enzyme urease and demonstrates that it is a protein. The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1989
  • H. pylori uses an enzyme called urease to attach to and infect the inside of the stomach. WebMD Health
  • It does this by activating its own cytoplasmic urease, which converts urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia.

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