[ US /ˈɝbəˌnaɪz/ ]
  1. impart urban habits, ways of life, or responsibilities upon
    Birds are being urbanized by people in outdoor cafes feeding them
  2. make more industrial or city-like
    The area was urbanized after many people moved in
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How To Use urbanize In A Sentence

  • Angola is relatively urbanized because in the 1980s many people sought refuge in the safer urban areas.
  • At current rates of sprawl, 25 percent of the nation's coastal watersheds will be urbanized by 2025.
  • Old divisions between “city” and “countryside” have become misleading in urbanized nations like the U.S. How Should We Be Thinking About Urbanization? A Freakonomics Quorum - Freakonomics Blog - NYTimes.com
  • JACKSON: Well, the DLC appoints by invitation -- invites its constituency, and labor is not in the DNC -- DLC, and this -- 40 percent of this convention -- only a smathering of blacks in the DLC or Hispanics in the DLC, and so it's in some sense a privatized version of Democrats that they sought to suburbanize the party. CNN Transcript - Special Event: Democratic National Convention: Democratic Party's Liberal Wing Gets a Chance to Speak Out - August 15, 2000
  • Such demographic changes wrought by industrialism meant the decline of rural parishes and the creation of a new urbanised and industrial poor.
  • It should be noted here that the proper word for a tribe in a non-urbanized community was ethnos, as is shown by the documents of the Delphic Amphictyone. Archive 2009-09-01
  • In a very real way, the pond is a part of everybody's backyard, it's a very suburbanized bit of ocean, and the birds in the neighborhood are mostly suburban not ocean-going birds. Too drunk to get drunk: an amateur naturalist reports
  • By juxtaposing these elements, he not only achieves a variety in his compositions, but also employs means provided by a stark contrast in his experience as a tangentially urbanised painter.
  • Their hilliness has allowed them to miss out on cultivation and act as wilderness preserves, though a couple have been partly quarried or suburbanized, and Mount Royal itself is either downtown or park. Canada
  • A nation four-fifths peasant and two-thirds illiterate was industrialised, urbanised and educated within 30 years.
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