upper bound

  1. (mathematics) a number equal to or greater than any other number in a given set
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How To Use upper bound In A Sentence

  • The upper boundary of the stratosphere is known as the stratopause, which is marked by a sudden decrease in temperature. AP Environmental Science Chapter 4- The Atmosphere
  • To illustrate the addition or alteration of upper bounds we will start by adding the constraint to problem P2 of Section 7.1.
  • A level of 450 ppm CO2 is a mere ~40 ppm below the upper boundary of ~500 ppm, which is the upper limit of stability of the Antarctic ice sheet, formed about 34 million years ago. The Upper limit to CO2 for Human Habitats
  • That is, (D, ‰¤) is a partially ordered set in which greatest lower bounds (infima) and least upper bounds (suprema) exist for arbitrary sets of elements. Combinatory Logic
  • These locations are designated by their distance in kilometers seaward of the dam that marks the upper boundary of tidal influence.
  • The rapid rise of the first fluorescence maximum puts a strict upper bound on the timescale of magnesium binding to the exonuclease.
  • Prior to publishing, he also found an upper bound on the least prime divisor of an odd perfect number.
  • Concerning the first sort of worry, one could of course construe every restricted formulation as a biconditional expressing both a sufficient and necessary condition for the existence of an upper bound, or a sum, of a given pair or set of entities. Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3
  • In chapter 4, we derive the exponential upper bounds of loss probability under some different conditions.
  • Clearly, as we have already seen, the key size provides an upper bound of an algorithm's cryptographic strength.
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