How To Use Unwearable In A Sentence

  • At age 11 my attempt at sewing a pink ruffled miniskirt turned out unwearable, and the experience left me so discouraged that I didn't tackle another sewing project for many years.
  • But there is nothing worse than looking down at a potruding belly and a wardrobe full of unwearable clothes and wondering if life is going to be one long tracksuit.
  • London Fashion Week, that biannual gathering of the unembarrassable in pursuit of the unwearable, begins tomorrow.
  • The cut was immaculate, the styling superlative and the workmanship was outstanding but... the suit was unwearable. BLOOD IS DIRT
  • Except, of course, the one thing everyone really needs: a remedy for those inevitable rips, snags, and runs that render even the most expensive hosiery unwearable.
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  • Hey ryan boggy we unwearable ya sincerely phd programs online, oh aside we bulblike goddam what tacheometer we are inescapable to marsupialia you are peevishly. Rational Review
  • As a subversive alternative, the architects propose a row of deviant shirts, some misbuttoned, some configured like origami petals, all unwearable.
  • The catwalks always offer many beautiful, fun, yet totally unwearable looks.
  • It's all acres of plate glass, walnut fittings and the kind of hushed retail reverence usually reserved for unwearable frocks designed by gay men in Parisian ateliers.
  • I was wearing my Smokey the Bear cap, the one that ultimately shrank to an unwearable size in the wake of an unfortunate sprinkler related accident.
  • The vast majority of the clothes are either unwearable, no longer fit me (charity shop) or are way out of fashion (charity shop too).
  • shoes so dilapidated as to be unwearable
  • Our work is very cutting edge but the emphasis has been on creating clothes that flatter the female form and make the person feel good, rather than being way out or unwearable.
  • His collections are by turns brilliant, challenging, infuriating - and totally unwearable.
  • She's generally six months ahead of any mainstream trend, but now and then, she'll appear in something so unwearable that it disappears without a trace.
  • So you open up the packages, trying to identify the ‘imperfection’ and figure out if it makes that particular pair wearable or unwearable.
  • A great deal of what she designs is both ridiculous and unwearable, but viewing this representation of her output over decades it becomes clear that fashion is merely a means to an end.
  • Modern clothes are unwearable and the fashion industry has been disfigured by big business and nudity, says a legendary designer.

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