How To Use Unsterilised In A Sentence

  • Many get it from unsterilised tattooing equipment or sharing needles, razors or even toothbrushes with infected people. The Sun
  • Even when the appropriate staff were available routine malpractices, like reusing unsterilised needles and confining patients to their beds for hours on end, continued.
  • In terms of unsterilised female dogs and cats, the proposed by-laws say that there will be a grace period of 12 months after the commencement of these by-laws for the animals to be sterilised.
  • They highlighted widespread use of various unsterilised blades and other sharp instruments used in cutting body tattoos as one of the risks.
  • The recent weakness of the yen against the dollar to 110 might provide a further indication that unsterilised intervention is indeed occurring.
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  • Infection of the others could have come through a number of means - injections, any other penetration of the skin, or even use of an unsterilised oxygen mask.
  • It's like treating TB or typhus by bleeding the patient with an unsterilised knife - it's a new century folks.
  • Nothing is worth the risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis from poorly sterilised or unsterilised needles used in an emergency.
  • A chiropodist has been struck off after treating hundreds of patients in North Yorkshire with unsterilised instruments.
  • Unsterilised intervention is seen as a route both to counter excessive currency strength and to combat deflation (the prime motive for Swiss intervention).
  • He said that between 30000 and 50000 people had been infected while selling blood through poorly managed collection operations, where reused and unsterilised equipment is common.
  • It can be caught through unprotected sex or from unsterilised needles or contaminated blood products.
  • In addition, the commonly held belief that an injection is more effective than oral medication can expose people to HCV through the use of unsterilised needles.
  • In the early days of the recovery many of the DNA samples that were recovered proved useless because they were contaminated by other samples from unsterilised equipment.
  • It may be acquired from transfusion with infected blood and the use of unsterilised needles and syringes (particularly by drug addicts and tattooists) and by unprotected sexual intercourse.

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