How To Use Unrepressed In A Sentence

  • I want to know the free-spirited wildness of my unrepressed desires realising themselves in festive play.
  • unrepressed hostilities
  • The main target of these new laws will be the use of the Internet by civil society as a form of low cost communication, an uncensored mass media, and a space for unrepressed political debate.
  • With each passing year, it becomes increasingly difficult to unearth examples of the sheer unrepressed fury at the heart of rock 'n' roll.
  • The action - brutal, unrepressed and energetic - is clearly a notch above the recent films that depict the hero bashing up rogues like we swat flies and mosquitoes.
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  • We all feel very liberated and unrepressed right now.
  • Since they are so uninhibited and unrepressed, they will not likely have many psychological hang-ups.
  • He still manages to capture the divide between civilised and unrepressed society that reflects the dual and tormented soul of Jekyll and Hyde.
  • It's a place of "unrepressed, somewhat Dionysian energy".
  • Unrepressed animalistic emotions were unleashed, and audiences were invited to participate.
  • He had gone from a state of calm in his dressing room to one of unrepressed terror on the walk to the ring.

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