How To Use Unraised In A Sentence

  • Forty-five minutes later, the field is down to 498, and Mike, thanks to a hand where he was allowed to limp into an unraised multiway pot from the little blind, holding only 7-4 suited, was able to triple up by flopping two pairs. TAKE ME TO THE RIVER
  • Needless to say, not a single hand remained unraised. The Banner Boy Scouts Afloat or, the Secret of Cedar Island
  • When the action comes to me the cutoff position last player to act before the button, in a thus-far unraised pot, I throw in the standard three-times-the-big-blind raise of $900. TAKE ME TO THE RIVER
  • On the other unraised hand, the "I'm your NC board member who's never made any effort to outreach to you" stamp is good for maybe? a few hundred votes in each NC area -- a few thousand citywide, at best. The Straw Man and Prop R
  • As for "Worldfocus," "with staff and getting the show up, it's costing $10 million a year in unraised money, which means it's a big risk," noted the same former PBS staffer. A Big-Three Network Veteran
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  • Not long after we resume, with the blinds now $200 and $400 with a $50 ante, I limp into an unraised pot on his big blind from late position with 6-7 suited and get to see a cheap flop of 4-8-9. TAKE ME TO THE RIVER
  • With the Republican Party these days, they're flailing so desperately in thin air that they're limited to birth certificates, calling something "stupid," misinterpreted statements, unraised taxes, and the government planning to kill you. Robert J. Elisberg: The Republican Lunatic Theory of the Week

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