How To Use Unprofitableness In A Sentence

  • And, moreover, as our best doings are only very pitiful shortcomings, worth little or nothing, it is just as good for us that the consciousness of our unprofitableness should be kept constantly before us, instead of the serene self-complacency of doing wonders, over which we should fall asleep, certainly neither in blessedness nor the odour of sanctity! Selections from the Letters of Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury to Jane Welsh Carlyle
  • Presently, Ischomachus proceeded: Now it is of prime importance,428 in reference to the profitableness or unprofitableness of agriculture, even on a large estate where there are numerous429 workfolk,430 whether a man takes any pains at all to see that his labourers are devoted to the work on hand during the appointed time,431 or whether he neglects that duty. Oeconomicus
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