How To Use Unmerchantable In A Sentence

  • The few merchantable trees he spares, together with those now unmerchantable, will, in perhaps twenty years, make another excellent crop. Practical Forestry in the Pacific Northwest Protecting Existing Forests and Growing New Ones, from the Standpoint of the Public and That of the Lumberman, with an Outline of Technical Methods
  • Page 477 better food than maize, although the cracked and inferior rice, that would be unmerchantable, is alone given them. A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States; With Remarks on Their Economy
  • If the work is not thoroughly done the wool passes as "unmerchantable washed. Textiles For Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic Arts Schools; Also Adapted to Those Engaged in Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods, Wool, Cotton, and Dressmaker's Trades
  • May you buckle on your armor afresh, and, with brick-bats and unmerchantable eggs, go forth to defend your treasures in heaven. Narratives of the sufferings of Lewis and Milton Clarke : sons of a soldier of the Revolution, during a captivity of more than twenty years among the slaveholders of Kentucky, one of the so called Christian states of North America, by dictated
  • Page view page image: or pay their debts: therefore it was enacted, that the tobacco of that year be viewed by sworn viewers, and the rotten and unmerchantable, and half the good, to be burned. Historical collections of Virginia
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  • But for the 99 per cent, the 95 per cent or the 90 per cent that never exhibit any defective operation the precautionary principle is something which simply, though reasonable to follow, does not render a product unmerchantable.
  • Yet like most Nova Scotian contractors, New Arch was getting into more mixed-wood stands, as well as stands with more underbrush and unmerchantable stems.
  • The dead and for the most part unmerchantable wood behind my house, and the driftwood from the pond, have supplied the remainder of my fuel. Walden
  • Now, the byproduct of logging - the unmerchantable tree tops and limbs that are normally left on the forest floor or burned as slash - could be classified as a renewable source of fuel to generate electricity. undefined
  • The cargo was not properly cared for and Comaco or those entitled to Comaco's rights have suffered loss in that they paid the agreed price to Reybanpac for merchantable bananas which in fact were unmerchantable.
  • And what happens if a council that is supplying water is told that its water is of unmerchantable quality, and that it is liable to be fined?
  • It is understood that the sellers liability in respect of defective or otherwise unmerchantable goods shall not at any time extend beyond the actual price paid for such goods.

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